About Monshaat

Monshaat focuses on supporting, developing and nurturing the SME sector in line with best global practices by implementing and supporting programs and projects to promote the cultural and spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, and diversifying sources of financial support for SMEs.


Enterprises Definition

Sizes of Business


  • Number of employees on 1 to 5 full-time
  • Revenues 0-3 Million SR


  • Number of employees on 6 to 49 full-time
  • Revenues 3-40 Million SR


  • Number of employees on 50 to 249 full-time
  • Revenues 40-200 Million SR
تصنف المنشأة بحسب الحجم تبعًا لمطابقتها لمعياري عدد الموظفين بالدوام الكامل وحجم الإيرادات معًا وفي حالة وجود استثناءات، يؤخذ بالتصنيف الأعلى بين المعيارين

Management Team

Eng. Saleh Ibrahim Alrasheed

Governor of Monshaat

Mr. Sami Ibrahim Alhussaini

Vice Governor of Planning and Development

Mr. Mohammed Misfir Almalki

Vice Governor of Funding

ريان بن إبراهيم بن عبدالعزيز الفايز

Mr. Esam Saleh Althukair

Vice Governor for Entrepreneurship

Mr. Mohammed Mahmoud Albelwe

Vice Governor of Communication

Eng. Abdulmalik Alshwaer

Vice Governor of Shared Services