Sustainable Development

The 2030 agenda for sustainable development that has been adopted by UN members in 2015 set 17 goals, a worldwide call to eliminate poverty, protect the environment and the climate, and secure worldwide peace and prosperity.


These goals depend on the huge success of the UN in economical and social development in the new millennium.

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Contribution:

Sustainable development is one of the most important priorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision since its release, continuing its accomplishments in sustainable development fields in the last 5 decades. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cooperates with UN and regional partners through the UN associative strategic framework under the umbrella of the 2030 vision and national transformation programs, to support achieving sustainable development goals to face the challenges and growth opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Sustainable Development goals:

1 - Eliminating Poverty

2-  Complete elimination of hunger

3- Good Health and Prosperity

4- Well Education

5- Gender Equality

6- Clean Water and Healthy Hygiene

7- Clean Energy at Affordable Prices

8- Qualified work and economic growth

9- Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

10- Limiting inequality

11- Sustainable local cities and communities

12- Responsible production and consumption

13- Climate work

14- Life underwater

15- Life on the mainland

16- Peace, Fairness, and powerful institutions

17- Make partnerships to Achieve goals


Contributing authority’s activities in achieving the goals:

Gender Equality:

Enhancing Women's entrepreneurship culture:

Monshaat seeks to enhance women's entrepreneurship culture to achieve our goals of raising women's participation in the labor market and increasing the rate of small and medium enterprises owned by women in KSA. It does so through multiple activities and initiations including the contribution in facilitating business environments for women. and creating partnerships with private and general sectors to enhance women's abilities in entrepreneurship, and its representation to women entrepreneurship in ksa file.


Proper Work and Economic Growth:

To achieve the Kingdom 2030 vision to develop the private sector and to raise small and medium enterprises’ share in gross domestic product. The authority works on improving the organization's environment and policies that support production activities by reviewing regulations and systems and suggesting mechanisms to overcome challenges that face small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs.


Industry, Innovation and infrastructure:

Supporting small and medium industrial enterprises and motivating innovations:

The authority developed multiple services and initiatives that aim to improve small and medium enterprises abilities in the industrial sector by creating efficiencies, increasing the enterprises opportunities to gain funds and facilitations, and provide them with investment opportunities across the whole chain supplies. Also the authority started to motivate the foundation of innovative entrepreneurial enterprises, and enabled the established enterprises to apply innovative solutions through multiple programs and services to provide an effective national innovative environment.

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