Information Security Strategy


Information security is becoming more important in line with the importance of the sector and its responsibilities. The General Authority of Monshaat is one of the sovereign Organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, responsible for Organizing small and medium enterprises, realizing property security, and providing distinctive notarial services. Therefore, it is important for the Authority to have a clear and approved vision and strategy for information security, commensurate with the importance of the Authority and its data.
Information security is one of the most important foundations for the work of the Organization's various sectors since it is closely related to work implementation and the electronic provision of services in a swift, flexible, and accurate manner. In addition, it enables achieving the required level of protection for ICT assets and data through a secure infrastructure under the best technical and security standards, and legislative and regulatory requirements, including:

  • Controls and guidance issued by the National Cybersecurity Authority Click Here
  • Anti-Cyber Crime Law   Click Here
  • Electronic Transactions Law  Click Here
  • Communications Law Click Here
  • Penal Law on Dissemination and Disclosure of Classified Information and Documents   Click Here


Vision and Mission:

The Ministry confidently protects its judicial data and is prepared to withstand cybersecurity challenges.


Providing the distinctive services the Ministry needs to enhance its cybersecurity and accomplish its mission of institutional work and digital transformation.

Strategy Principles:

  • Leadership and governance
  • Protection of ICT and tech assets
  • Reinforcement and response
  • Persistence and flexibility

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