Monshaat Definition

To identify the size of your enterprise, kindly select the option that best fit your organization:

Number of Employees full time employees
Volume of overall revenues Million SAR
Sizes of Business
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


  • Number of employees on 1 to 5 full-time
  • Revenues 0 to 3 Million SR


  • Number of employees on 6 to 49 full-time
  • Revenues 3 to 40 Million SR


  • Number of employees on 50 to 249 full-time
  • Revenues 40 to 200 Million SR


  • Number of employees 250 or more full-time
  • Revenues more than 200 Million SR
The enterprise is classified based on its size and according to its conformity with the criteria of the number of full-time employees and the volume of revenues together. If there are any exceptions, the higher rating between the two criteria is considered.

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