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Monsha’at's portal places a top priority on the information confidentiality of its users. Accordingly, the Portal Administration makes every effort to provide high-quality service to all users.


The Portal visitors and users must constantly review the terms and principles of information privacy and confidentiality to be aware of any updates. The Portal Administration is not obliged to announce any updates made to these terms and principles. By using the Portal, you acknowledge your full awareness and agreement to such terms and principles and their ongoing updates.


Personal Information Security

Information privacy and confidentiality policy has been developed to help visitors and users understand the nature of the data obtained once the Portal is visited and how this data is being utilized.

The Portal Administration takes the appropriate and necessary measures to maintain personal information safely in a way that ensures its protection from loss, unauthorized access, abuse, or unauthorized modification or disclosure. Key measures followed by Monsha’at to protect visitors’ personal information include:

  • Strict measures to protect information security and the technology utilized to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to Monsha’at systems.
  • Regular and periodic updating of protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed approved standards.
  • Certification and training of employees to respect the confidentiality of personal information related to the Portal visitors.


Collection of Personal Information

Monsha'at collects and utilizes your personal information to manage its business and to provide you with the best services. This information is collected from multiple sources, such as service request forms, and any information that appears on the electronic or non-electronic communication channels between Monsha’at and the beneficiary, such as name, address, ID number, profession and any other data provided.

If you send an e-mail that includes your personal information to Monsha’at via the Portal, it may share the necessary data with other entities or departments to serve you more effectively. Your personal data will not be shared with non-government agencies unless they are authorized by competent authorities to perform specific government services.

By submitting your personal data and information via Monsha’at Portal, you fully agree to the storage, processing and use of that data by the Saudi authorities, such as Monsha’at, who reserves its right, at all times, to disclose any information to competent authorities, when necessary, to comply with any law, government system or request.


You are solely responsible for the completeness, correctness, and authenticity of the data that you send through the Portal.


Privacy Protection

For Monsha’at to help you protect your personal information, it recommends the following:

  • Contact Monsha’at immediately when suspecting that someone was able to obtain your password, pass code, or any other confidential information.
  • Do not give confidential information over the phone or the Internet, unless you know the identity of the person receiving the information.
  • Use a safe browser when you complete transactions over the Internet, close unused applications on the network, and make sure that your anti-virus software is always updated.
  • If you have any inquiries or opinions about the privacy policy, feel free to contact the unified number 8003018888.
  • To preserve your personal data, electronic storage and personal data sent using appropriate security technologies are secured.


The Portal may contain links to sites or portals that may use information and privacy protection methods that differ from the methods used by Monsha'at. Monsha’at is not responsible for the contents, methods, and privacies of these other sites or portals. It advises you to refer to the privacy notifications of those sites or portals.



Monsha’at provides discounted private sector services to help SMEs utilize some financial, administrative, advisory, or other support services provided by the proposed service to contribute to the development and provision of sustainable facilities for many enterprises. These services include, but are not limited to, consultations, procedures related to human, accounting, or administrative resources at lower costs, and services provided by the providers of those services, based on information and data provided by the beneficiaries of those enterprises, to benefit from what is provided by the proposed service providers. Monsha’at assumes no responsibility, in any case, for any physical, non-physical, direct, or indirect damages that may occur as a result of the relationship between the beneficiaries of Monsha’at and the service providers.


Directing E-mails to Monsha’at

When you inquire or request information about a specific product or service, or if you provide additional information using any communication means with Monsha’at, whether electronic or non-electronic, such as requesting inquiries on Monsha’at Portal, it will use your email address to respond to your inquiries. It may also save your mail address, message, and response for quality control, legal and regulatory purposes.


Policy Scope

Wherever the terms "Authority" and "Monsha’at" are mentioned in this Policy, they shall refer to the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority.


Contact us:

If you have any inquiry or complaints regarding privacy policy contact us via:



Respond time:

24 Hours


Privacy policy legislation:

National data governance policy

Fundamental principles of personal data protection

Fundamental principles of data sharing

Personal Data Protection Policy

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