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The "Nawafth App" provided by "Monsha'at" offers a range of services, guidance programs, and consultancy for enterprises in the establishment phase or throughout the stages of growth and success. These services aim to increase SMEs’ chances of success, stability, and enable them to overcome challenges by providing competent consultants and advisors.




Number of Downloads: 148K 

Satisfaction Rate: 4.7


Number of Downloads: 100K+ 

Satisfaction Rate : 3+



Convenient access to all of Monsha'at's services through a single app

User-friendly interface for seamless access to Monsha'at services

Personal assistance service to help users select the most suitable service for their needs

Free counseling and mentoring sessions to support entrepreneurs


How to Access

Download the Nawafth app provided by Monsha'at

Register in the app through the Nafath Portal or the Unified File of Monsha’at

Log in to the app

Browse through all the services offered by Monsha'at

Choose the desired service

Begin using the service

The Difference Between a Consultant and a Mentor


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15 June 2023

سهل ويمكنك من الاستفاده منه ودقه الوضوخ