Freedom of Information

Fundamental principles for freedom of information


Transparency: Anyone has the right to know Monshaat’s activities, aligning with transparency, integrity, and accountability.

Nescicity and coherence: any restrictions on requests to access any kind of information that Monsha’at received, produced, or dealt with, should be justified in a clear and explicit way.

Disclosure of information: Any one has the right to access the general -unprotected- info, even if the applicant doesn't have a high community status, or certain consideration for this data, so he will not go through legal inquiries for that.

Equality: All access requests for public information have been treated on the basis of equality and non-discrimination.


Freedom of Info Controls:

Rights of individuals to access or obtain public information:


      The right to see or receive any unprotected info by general authorities.

      The right to know the reason behind rejecting any access request.

      The right to lodge a complaint against this rejection for access to the requested info.


Monsha’at Commitments:

 Monshaat provides an application to access public info for individuals.

Monshaat checks individuals' IDs before giving them the right  to access public info according to the accredited controls by Monshaat, National Cybersecurity Authority, and related authorities.

Monshaat documents all access applications in a record with decisions made for, to be checked avoiding any abuse or lack of response.

Monshaat should notify the individual -in an appropriate manner- in case of rejecting his application totally or partially, clarifying the rejection reasons, the complaint right, and how to use this right within 15 days.

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