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  • October 2019

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The Franchise Center aims to raise awareness and support the franchise system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) by providing a set of franchised brands and connecting them with investors, entrepreneurs, and SMEs’ owners. 

The center also provides many more free services for both the franchisee and the franchisor, including brand evaluation, mediator licensing, amicable settlement, franchise administration, and the ‘Tomoh’ franchising program.

Vision and mission

Goals of the Franchise Center

Franchising Advantages

For Franchisee: 
- Launching less to none risks business
- Providing all the facilities, expertise, technical knowledge, and operation techniques from the franchisor
- Training franchisor and helping with brand management 

For Franchisor:
- Expanding business and increase revenue
- Providing additional services and training to maintain brand image

For Mediators: 
- Training and licensing
- Presenting name list on our website to connect with franchisees and franchisors


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12 February 2023

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