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  • For Service Providers: 15 working days starting from the application date. For SMEs: 10 working days starting from the application date as accepted or rejected
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In order to put you on the path of growth, prosperity, and success, Monsha’at offers you “Mazaya" service.
 Mazaya is a package of diverse services aimed at supporting and empowering micro, small, and medium enterprises, contributing to their growth and success, improving the quality of services provided to them, and enhancing their competitiveness. This is achieved through contracting with the private sector to provide various services at suitable and competitive prices, partially or fully supported, through "Mazaya Electronic Platform."

Goals of Mazaya

Advantages of Mazaya

How to be a service provider on the Mazaya platform?

1- Register as a service provider.

2- Upload the service on Mazaya Platform.

3- Follow up the submitted applications.

Open Mazaya Platform and get all details to contact the service applicants.

Mazaya Conditions

Journey Steps to Mazaya

Check the shown offers and services

Choose the service your enterprise needs

Log in to the platform and apply for the service


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