E-Participation Policy

Electronic participation policy

E-participation has become important for all parties, as it allows all segments of society to participate in expressing opinions, suggestions and comments, or sharing their experiences, problems and ideas that help in making decisions or revealing opportunities.

  • Monshaat is also keen to monitor and review all these posts before publishing to ensure compliance with the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this regard and to increase the level of dialogue to achieve the desired goals in accordance with the following conditions and controls:
  • Online posts must adhere to the laws of Saudi Arabia.
  • Online posts should be written in clear language, with no offensive language used.
  • Not sending the online post more than once.
  • Online posts should be serious, objective, clear and short.
  • Not publishing personal data, such as names, contact information and addresses.
  • Avoid misusing the Authority’s official website available for online posts, in a way that affects its performance, safety level, speed or continuity.​

Online Participation’s Supervising Group:

“Monsha’at’s” online participation team is the responsible party for overseeing and supervising the electronic participation and consultation, through onboard the public on developing systems and regulations, and how they can suggest ideas using these channels.



In no way can “Monshaat” or its employees or representatives be responsible for the consequences of publishing comments through its electronic means of participation, and that “Monshaat” is not responsible for publishing any negative comments through the means of electronic participation on its portal, and for all the consequence of that publication.

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