Thakaa Camp: Discover the Power of Data with Power BI

Monday 23 October 2023
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-  During the camp, you will learn how to import, transform, and organize data, as well as create innovative visual reports and compelling dashboards.
-  The camp will provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to interact with experienced trainers and receive immediate feedback through practical sessions and hands-on application of concepts. They will acquire strong skills in data analysis using Power BI for their future projects.
- The program includes a participation certificate that enhances their capabilities and qualifies them to utilize these skills in their professional fields.

-  Comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of data analysis using Power BI.
-  Ability to import, assemble, and organize data.
-  Ability to create innovative visual reports and valuable dashboards.
-  Guidance on using Power BI in future projects.

Expected Impact:
Acquiring data analysis skills using Microsoft Power BI, a powerful tool that enables entrepreneurs to effectively analyze and visualize data. This will enhance their decision-making processes and provide valuable insights for their future endeavors.

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