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  • March 2020

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Monsha'at Academy provides a diverse range of training programs, both online and offline, aimed at bolstering the capabilities and skills of entrepreneurs and SMEs. With a strong emphasis on fostering entrepreneurship, cultivating technical and financial proficiencies, and fostering knowledge sharing, they also offer valuable assistance to entrepreneurs and businesses in attaining growth, expansion, and long-term viability. 
We invite you to visit the Monsha’at Academy platform and explore the complimentary programs available, enabling you to take assured strides towards a resilient future



Monsha’at Academy offers various training programs accessible round the clock. It conducts in-person training sessions at Monsha’at centers across the Kingdom, free of charge. The primary objective is to foster competencies, bolster skills, facilitate knowledge transfer, and promote the exchange of experiences, providing support and assistance to entrepreneurs and enterprises and enabling them to succeed and secure long-term sustainability


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Visit the academy's website and click on the "Login" button at the top of the page

Choose your preferred login method: either using your Absher account (Unified National Access) or your Monsha’at account

Enter the code sent to your registered mobile number on Absher, then fill in the required information to join the Monsha’at Academy

Activate your account at the Monsha’at Academy through the link that will be sent to your email


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